What is the delivery time for toner?

Next day or two days maximum

Why do I have to pay cost per copy after i have leased a machine?

Ongoing support and engineer provision

How much training am I entitled to?

Unlimited training whilst on contract

Do you do a guaranteed service callout?

Most of our contracts require that we respond within 8 hours

What is the response time for a service callout?

Currently our average response time is just under 4 hours

Where is the serial number located on the machine?

Usally can be found either, on the sticker attached to your device, on the meter sheet or at the rear of your device

What do I do if there is a paper jam?

Follow the on screen instructions or call our customer service team on 08454025220.

How can I tell how fast a printer is?

The first 2 digits of the model number indicate how many prints the machine produces in a minute for example an MP C4502 would produce 45 pages per minute